VS sexy list 2010

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VS sexy list 2010

Post  Vanessaxox on Tue May 11, 2010 4:27 pm


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Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr describes ideal man

Post  mayfrayn on Wed May 12, 2010 6:01 am

Gentlemen, are you taking notes? Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr dished to On The Red Carpet about her ideal man. She's looking for a man who is "authentic" and "real."

"Personally, I believe that women need to be stimulated mentally by the man. It's not necessarily about his looks. Itís more about being stimulated mentally, like when a man is funny or he is witty or charming, I think thatís attractive. Itís all about personality, really," Kerr told OnTheRedCarpet.com's Chris Balish as she was promoting Victoria's Secret's recently launched What is Sexy? list.

So what is sexy according to Miranda Kerr? She said she believes that real sexiness comes from the inside.

"It's all about embracing your own uniqueness and accentuating your best features," she said. "It's all about embracing that hourglass figure, and letting that inner bombshell come out."

And though the world may view Kerr and the other Victoria's Secret models as picture perfect, Kerr said that's far from the truth.

"Obviously as human beings, no one is perfect. And as women, we can continually look at something we don't like about ourselves, because we can continuously compare ourselves to other women and say you know, I'm not this, I'm not that," she explained. "But for me, it's not about wishing for something I don't have or trying to change something about myself. It's about me trying to embrace all aspects of myself."


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